My coach and me

November 10, 2008
By jorge ortiz, Dallas, TX

My first day of soccer practice,I felt extremely ternible because I didn't know how to play.A few months later,playing on my first team,I was geting better at soccer.I was begining to feel better about my abilities.A year later,I had imptoved tremendously,and my coach said that I was going to start in the first game of the season.Ithought to myself if that I could do better than some of the other people who played soccer.
In the middle of the season, some new player joined in our soccer team.I was better than some of the new player beacuse I was already practiceing with the team.The coach used me as and example for the team because Iwas getting better.To impove my soccer skill,I started playing with my cousins.There was only one big problem.The coach's son and I had the same talent at playing soccer.We had to fight for our place on the soccer team.
A few years had past,I was still playing soccer with my team.I started every game,and it felt so great!Few months into our season,our team was undefeated,making us the numder one team in the laegue,my coach told me that I was a very talented soccer player,and his words made me feel great!When I started high school,I was playing on the school's soccer team.From that point on,I was starting and getting better and better.Even my coach at school told me that I was a good soccer player.But in school we had to tryout to make it on the team.There were about 100 people trying out for theteam and only eleven of us maded it!I was one of those lucky eleven.
Soccer was and still is a major part of my life.The first day I stepped on the field I dreamed of being a starting player.Today that dream is a reality.I hope to continue playing soccer throughout high school and into college.Without the positive encourgement of my coach,Iwould not be where I am today.

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