How he has helped me

November 10, 2008
My life has been full of things that are hard to even explain sometimes. Well I can say that my life hasn't been easy for me since I was a little girl. I was in an accident when I was little and it still hurts me today just thinking about it.
There are people that have helped me get through life and those people are my friends and family. Except one person who has helped me more. His name is Martin and he has pretty much changed my life. Martin and I have gotten to be real close ever since we met. He is my boyfriend.
When he had first met me he thought of me as a very she and quiet girl. It was true. I was a shy person, but I knew that if I got to know the person I wouldn't be that shy. Later in the year, I got to know him well. I think of him as a very sweet guy. Now I think he is more than the nicest guy I have ever met.
Martin is not like other guys I know. He has shown me so many things like how to feel good about myself and not feel shy around people. The things I know now are the things I didn't know I had in me. I'm confident at times now and I owe it all to him.
I would think of myself as different from everybody else because of the way I look. Martin makes me forget about it all. He says that I shouldn't worry about what other people say that I should just live my life all I can. I actually listen to him about living my life how I want to because we only live it once. I love how Martin can always say the right things at the right time. He also makes me feel special by telling me the sweetest things like that I'm pretty and I got a big heart. It's hard for me to actually think as myself as pretty because I don't think I am. Martin says that looks don't really matter just the inside of a person is what counts.
I got my confidence up because of him. I'm happy and he is the reason why I smile. When I'm sad he finds a way to always make me forget about my problems. There are a lot of problems in my life but I try to always think back to what Martin tells me,"to always live my life to the fullest because you only live it once." I always think back to that when something is wrong and it always helps me think about the things I'm going through.
All I know is that I love Martin because he has shown me so many things. He has a huge positive impact on me. He is someone I am glad to have in my life. I think that when he came into my life he made all the difference.

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