1 out of 4,000

November 9, 2008
What problem am I facing the world today? My problem is soccer. Soccer is the only thing I'm good and love to do. However, it's not that easy, only here in the U.S. there is a ratio of 4,000 out of 1! Will I be that lucky?
Even though they make it to the professionals, they think they achieved it all when all they're doing is risking their own future. I know a couple of people that all they did was play around during their career and not thinking of what they're going to do after. Now, some of the players work like an average person with an average wage; there is also people that are still successful in life and planned things they were going to do after. It's all about planing, since the soccer career is too short you should know what you're going to do after it.

However, If make it or not is up to God and the decisions I make in life. Of course people have their up's and down's, but you've got to learn not to make the mistakes twice. You fall down, what do you do? You pick yourself up, It's all about dedication, confidence, and determination. Soccer is the only way for me to be a successful guy in life. I myself have had my down's and learned how to do it better next time. I have also had my up's and that inspires me to keep going and not stopping. I have no plan B, let's say I get injured what am I going to then?
The sport so called soccer, football, or futbol is not just a sport it is the key to my success. My parents don't have enough money to get me in big clubs like Dallas Texans, DFW Tornados, FC Dallas, etc. One thing my parents do give me is their support, motivation, and love that is more than enough. I guess all in all I have more than one problem like my future, my destiny, and most importantly my life. With no plan B, Nothing to rely on, and betting everything to be the chosen one of 1 out of 4,000 is a huge risk which I'm willing and going to take. A real question for me is, am I going to be that lucky?

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