The Missed

November 9, 2008
By Ally Cashman, Merrimac, MA

These tears keep falling and I’ll never forget. I was in fourth grade, I was nine. You were like my older brother, always there. Ill never be able to remember every thing about you, like your smell or your laugh. But I can remember your smile, your eyes and mostly everything else. That day it happened we had no idea; all we saw was the ambulance. Never knowing that we had no chance to say goodbye. It was raining that day; I knew it had to be a sign. But about a week later they said you were really gone. When I got home from school there was a message from someone crying, telling us the news. No one could stop me from hearing it. So I broke down. My nana called my mom and she came right home. I wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral. They said I was too little. But I wish I had a chance to say goodbye, to see your face again. To maybe remember a little more. But you’re always looking over us. Making sure every things okay. No matter where I go in life you’ll always be with me. You will always be in my heart.

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