What my childhood tastes like…

October 28, 2008
By Kaesy Harris, Sumas, WA

Have you ever just got that bitter taste of sour lemon in your mouth? The nasty after taste after you wake-up in the morning. This is sorta a hing of how my childhood tastes like. You can never just take a bite of a juicy lemon and NOT squinch your eyes or make a sour face. The lemon in my childhood would be my step dad, when after he’s drunk or high all you get is the sourness or aftertaste and when his hands go to hit or do. The “aftertastes” wants to leave but really you can’t leave it only cover it up with something else to eat. Just like in my childhood I would always cover up bruises with excuses and tears with laughter. You can’t really explain any better of how a childhood that’s violent without describing it as a Nasty Fruit you always get a sour taste from and leaves you with the after taste to cover up. Just like you can’t forget what happened as a child, but you can cover up your pain and try to move on.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this piece.. was a friend noticed i wasn't my happy self that for some reason i was all depressed i had this sour face on and my mouth tasted horrible, and i kept haveing flashbacks of my stepdad.at this point i told him everything that was going on and showed him some writing i had done so he told me i should write about this and it would make me feel alot better to get it out on paper. and that it could possibly help those like me understand you can get through the hard times if you try.

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