Bad Experience

October 28, 2008
As a young child, I really never understood what was going on, with my parents. My parents fought a lot, but I never really thought anything of it, until one day I walked out of my room and went up to my mom, and asked,
“Mommy, are you and Daddy going to get a divorce?”
I can tell she didn’t know what to say because; she was stuttering and didn’t say anything. Then my dad just came out and said,
“You know what Kenny, yeah we are going to be getting a divorce.”

As soon as he told me that I ran to my room and started crying. My mom came into my room later on during the day. I asked her why they were getting a divorce and she said.
“Kenny, I know you probably won’t understand everything that is going on right now, but I will try and explain what is happening the best way I can. Your father and I have been arguing about grown people stuff, and maybe one day you will understand that. Your father has done something really bad, he cheated on me, and what that means is that he was not being faithful to his family. I am going to go make some dinner. I love you very much.”

After my mom left, I heard her and my dad start fighting again. So I decided to peak my head out the door and heard the whole argument. My mom was trying to stay calm, but my dad was throwing things, slamming stuff, and yelling at my mom like she did something wrong.

As I kept watching my mom tried to walk, away and my dad got up and started to follow her. He grabbed her and shoved her on the wall. I ran out of my room yelling,

My dad looked at me and said,
“If you don’t go back to your room right now, I will give you something to cry about!”
I quickly went back to my room and cried myself to sleep. The next morning we had a moving truck in our drive way and my mom came up and said,
“Hey honey, its time for us to go.”

I asked her where were we going and she said that we were moving to better place. It took about twelve hours to get to North Carolina, but we got there. We started a whole new life.

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