There's a Cat in my Bed

October 15, 2008
By Rachel McCormick, Double Oak, TX

I can start to tell when it is autumn not by the changing leaves, but when my cat starts to sneak into the house and sleep in my bed. I find her curled up in a great fluffy mass were she can stay for hours in the warmth. Usually when I discover her I pick her up ever so gently and take her outside because unfortunately for her, my mother has allergies. Although sometimes when I see her wrapped between mountains of pillows and blankets I can’t help my self from cuddling up right next to her so that I can hear her soft purr in my ear.

After weeks of having to bring my cat back outside after her annoying intrusions, I’m beginning to realize how intelligent she is. My cat used to sleep in the middle of my bed easily visible to anybody walking past my door. Though, lately she has progressed to the very tip, covered by pillows and totally hidden. A clever cat is what she is. Also she has excelled in learning how and when to enter the house unnoticeable. The door leading to the garage will sometimes not close entirely which gives my cat access to enter usually when my family leaves the house. Hours upon hours my cat will then nap on the tip most portion of my comfortable bed.

My cat’s actions have engaged my interests, making me wonder what these animals know and think about. Can they tell when a family is leaving on vacation? Do they know what the weather will be like tomorrow, or can they question themselves or other? My mind is filled with unanswerable questions that I wish my cat could answer. So the secrets of a cats mind will linger in a book unattainable by humans, and all that’s left to do is curl up beside my cat and dream.

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