October 2, 2008
By Morgan Damm, Oregon City, OR

It seemed like ages since I've been here, Though it had a few days. I was back from a weekend at the beach and eager to get to my second home.

I shoved open the heavy red metal doors, and stepped onto the concrete aisle. It was sprinkled with bits of hay and manure. I took in a whiff of the sweet musky smell of horses. They were all snorting and letting out frequent whinnies.

She wasn't in her stall, so I ran out to her paddock, eager to see my girl. I took off like the devil was at my tail. She heard the gravel crunching under my feet and whipped her head up, and flicked her ears forward. She ran over to me closing the distance, I threw my arms around her neck, breathing in her warm scent.

She let out soft nickers as I scrambled up, onto her back. I sat there for hours, in complete bliss. I was in heaven, to see my Flicka again.

The author's comments:
This reflects on how much I miss my horse Flicka whwnever I'm away. She is my everything and its torture to be away from her. She is a 5 year old paint mare and the sweetest thing. I've had her for two years and I love he immensely.

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