Tragic Moments

November 7, 2008
By Alejandro Martinez, Dallas, TX

My family gave me all the great things in life sa I can achieve my goals. When I was in fourth grade I was scares. When my parents had a small talk with me I felt nbetter and finished the first day of school just fine.
During the 9/11 attack I was again scared. I wanted to go home and forget this ever happen. I didn't want to go to school because I thought that they were going to destroy the school just like the towers. My parentsdid help me go through with this but the one who really help me was my brother. He showed me that this will never happen here because their is no reason to attack here. I felt a little better after our talk but I was still a little bit shocked of what had happen.
The next day the fear was gone and my brother walked walked me to school with a good positive feeling. It was almost December, our holiday vaction was getting neare each day. A tragic accident had happen after school. Their was a crash near the school I was watching the police trying to get the injured man out of his car with the jaws of life. When he finally got him out he was okay it was just some minor injuries. When I was walking home I was thinking what had happen and will this happend to my parents also. My brother was trying to explain to me what had happen but I was having this vision of my parents ina an accident happening over and over until I stared to listen what my brother was trying to say and I understood that this will never happen to my parents. When I saw my parents ok I was happy. My family sure does help me with alot of things but they always make me fell good about myself.

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