November 6, 2008
By Leighton Meyers, Bullhead City, AZ

Rebecca, Ciarra, Lesley, Chelsea, Carina, and I became best friends not that long ago. We fight, we mess around, we tell secrets, and we stab each other's back. But that's what being best friendsis all about. You kill each other over a handful of Dorito's and say "haha, sucker" instead of "sorry." That's just the way us girls are.

Rebecca and I consider P.E. to be just sports, and that it doesn't matter if we wrestle, because it's in that category. We push, we shove, and we throw things, but we're still best friends. At the end, we laugh and say "that was so awesome!" But what does it matter? We're best friends.

We were wrestling one day outside of our geography class. It was more like a push-off, but it was still awesome! Everyone was yelling the word 'fight' like we were actually fighting. Not to mention I was so losing. Avery just had to make that obvious, too. "Leighton's getting the crap kicked out of her!" I could only tell him to shut up.

Later, in Mr. Mortensen's class, Lesley and I had an eraser fight. We bruised each other with a little pink eraser. Of all things, we had to pick an eraser! I had to laugh when she almost hit Scotty. Surprisingly, we didn't get caught. "That was totally awesome," I whispered to her, cradling my battered arm. All in all, it was a pretty awesome day. If only every other day could've been like that.

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