The Pressure To Skipping School!!!

November 6, 2008
It was a monday morning when my friend Ericka called me and told me she had ran away from home.
She told me that her mom had gotten mad at her and told her she was going to send her to a private school.I told her "What did you do?"she replied,"I got caught doing drugs with in my bedroom with Brenda and Monica",Istayedv quiet for a moment then said"Why would you do that knowing you could get caught?".She told me "I didnt think about the consequences".
A couple of hours later i got ready and went to Monicas' house to look for her.She was nowhere to be found.Next was Brenda,i knocked,no answer...I called still no answer.A while later when i got home Brenda and Monica had called me and asked me to take them cloths and towels,i said "ok".
The next morning i got everything ready and headed to school like i always did.Except....i didnt know i was'nt going.When i got to where i was suppose to meet them i did'nt see knowone.I called Monica ,and there she was a block away.She got to where i was at and i gave her the stuff.she told me to skip with them,but i said "no" i was going to go to school,but she kept insisting and insisting and i just gave up and said "ok".I knew i had gotten pressured into skipping,but there was nothing i could do about it.i wanted to go back i i really did ,but it was too late.We had to leave the apartment that we had snuck into so i decided to call my friend to go pick us up.Alot of things happened that day.
The next morning i got up and got ready to go to school.The one thing i was'nt looking foward to was my teachers finding out.My teacher Mr.Solorio/coach called me. I did'nt know what to expect,i was soo scared my herat started pounding as if it was going to rip my cheast and come out.When i got there he asked me why i had done it.I told him i was peer pressured.I did'nt know how to respond.
As i explained my situation i figured that he would'nt belive me.While he talked to me i started to think about the words he told me.He was kind of like a counsler.My coach really got to me and so did my mom.Ihave learned alot about how to avoid peer pressure and in soo happy i had them here to help me!!!!

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