November 6, 2008
There is someone who had a positive influence on me. This was a long time ago when I was seven years old. I used to go to my cousin’s house and play soccer. After that lots of the kids that would play would bring out their skates, strapped them on and skated for the rest of the afternoon. My cousin used to skate too. I remember I would like looking at them skate, but I was scared to try it. Then my cousin came towards me and asked me if I wanted to borrow some skates, I told him I dint know how and I was scared to try it. He said that he will teach me if I wanted to learn how to skate. I decided to try to learn how to skate. First he told me not to be scared or I’ll fall and never learn. I used to look dumb trying to skate, until I got it, when I finally learned how to skate I would skate a lot every day. I would race my cousins and friends. If I would never have tried it I would have never had learned it. So I am happy that I tried to skate and learned it.

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