My greatest description

November 6, 2008
In my history class we were told by our teacher that we were going to have to answer a really hard question the next day. It was going to be about one of the former president of the United States. When we got there the next day, the question was on the board. It told us to describe the differences between the former president and the present ones. None of us really had an idea about how to describe it. The teacher didn’t want to give us hints, so we had to do it on our own. By the time it was almost time to finish, I had kind of had a good answer. Then the teacher decided to read mine out loud since I was finish. I was very nervous .when he finished reading it, he said it was the best answer he had all day. I was very proud of myself. I knew I was doing very good in my class. My teacher had a really good positive on me.

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