My dad

November 6, 2008
It was a hot sunny day, and my dad, my sister and I wanted to fo swimming, since it was like a 103 degrees! We all were burning up. We didn't like the fact that it was that hot. We tried to go to the park to swim, but it was closed. We all were sad, My dad trid calling my family, but no one answerd. All of a sudden, my Tia Vida called us, and my dad got all excited. He didn't tell us anything untill after he got off the phone with her. He told us, "Your Tia Vida called and she wants us to go over to go swimming". My sister and I got all excited, but then I realized that I couldn't swim. I got scared.

We got to my tia's and made us eat because to her if we don't then we will be sick. After we ate we had to change into our clothing, then we had to run around the house three times. My tia always said "If you eat and go swimming without letting your food go down then you will got sick". Finally we were able to get in and swim, but I was scared, and I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I was scared I was going to drown! My dd got me in and held me untill all of a sudden he let me go and I started to drown, but then he taught me to paddle my hands and feet. I was getting better and better. I wanted to stay all day, but we had to leave. It was like a two hour drive. I was sad!

To me that was the most scattyest, most fun day I ever had. I was proud of my dad, and me because without him I would never got im. Im happy that he was there to be by my side. I now know that I can count on him when I need help! Iam also proud of myself because I took thtat risk of trusting myself and my dad!!!!

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