When i came from Mexico

November 6, 2008
By Gabriel Montero, Dallas, TX

When I came from Mexico I was so sad because I left all my mom's family, and I love my mom's family because they are so good people, I love them. I didn't know any English when I came from Mexico and I was so sad about it because when the teachers were talking to me I didn't undertand them, and I was feeling like a real stuped.I was so sad because I was with a lot of problems at my home because some body came in on my home and robed all our money.In those days my ESL teacher was so mean with me and I was getting tire of her because she always was looking at any little thing of me to call to my home.I were thinking about to go back to Mexico by my self but I didn't want that somebody knowed so no body will stop me.After that I star to progress in my English and I was happy but when the report crd came and I saw it I did turn sad and embarazed because I was failing all my ESL class, I didn't pass to 10Th grade because of my ESL clases and because in the ESL clases don't give credit.Now i know a little be English, and I have good grades and my parents and me are happy.

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