November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Theirs not a day were i don't think of my unlce .He was murdered on the day of June 3,2006.My uncle is the best uncle is the beat man in the world to me.
When iI was a little kid, I was left by my parents and i stayed with my older brother and sister.A couple of days passed and still are parents were now to be found.My brother and would take turns to take careof me and the other would go to school.
One of our neighbors had found out that our parents were gone, so she called are grandma and we stayed with my granda ever since that day.We found out that our parents were in jail for both different reasons.
What im trying to say is that we had a rough childhood and my uncle helped us through it.Ever since we lived with my grandma, my grandpa, and aunts would always tell us stuff, like our parents didn't love us and that they didn't like us and till today they stilltell us stuff like that.
Every time they would do that, my uncle the youngest one, would always stand up for us .My Aunts would always try to put him down and us to.He would alway tell us that they didn't know what their were saying.
He would always tell me to do good in school, get a nice job after i graduate high school and college, he said to get a nice wife how would love me and stick with me through everything.He would also say he didn't want me to turn out like him.
He wasn't the best role model for me, because he did drugs and he was in the streets to much, but he was a great dad, uncle, and a good freind.
When I grow up , iwant to be just like him except for the bad things he did.I want to be like him because, he would never let anybody bring him down, not even when they told him he was never going to go no where if he kept up what he was doing.
I wish he was still her e for I could tell him how high school is and to tell him I have pretty girlfreind and show him all my new skate board tricks that I learned over the two years.

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