Parent teacher conference night

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

It was parent teacher conference night. I was not planning to come, but my mom found that 8it was parent teacher conference night. I came to shool with my mom and i was anxious to know what grades i got. When we were going to my homeroom class, my mom was telling me if i get bad grades that i was going to get grounded. I told my mom not to worry that i was not going to get bad grades.

We got to my homeroom class i was anxiously waiting for my teacher Carrion to give me my report card. It was our turn to talk to the teacher. He gave me my report card and he told my mom that i was doing wondderful in all my classes except for his class i had a 78. My mom asked him why i got a 78 and he said because i did not wear my cadet uniform on the day i had to wear it.Although i had told my mom i was not going to wera it the day i had to wear it because it was dirty. My mom got mad n happy at the same time and we left.

my mom and i left from my homeroom class and we went to my 5th period class. My 5th period teacher Mr.Reyes told us to have a seat. He saw my report card and he told me "I'm proud of you." He told my mom that he was proud of me because i had gotten a 99 in his class. He also told my mom tyhat he wished he had more students like me. He told my mom that i was a hard worker and that i did all my work. My mom was so happy that she started crying.

We left from my 5th period class and went to eat hamburgers. After we finfished eating we went to the rest of my classes. I was waiting for my 7th period teacher to finish with the parents she was talking to. My mom and i were ready to go home. Ms.Hernandez had finished and it was our turn to talk to her. she said nothing but good things about me. I thought that she was going to talk bad about me. Ms. Hernandez tol my mom,"you have a star that shines never let that star leave and never shine again." My mom started crying and when i saw her i started crying. Finally we went home to all the classes and left home.

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