Playing Soccer

November 6, 2008
I was 8 years old and my parents got me into soccer. My parents wanted me to join because my brother used to play. Well it was Monday and they had took me to practice with the soccer team. I was really shy, u know because everybody was looking at me. So than I meet the coach, he looked like a good guy. The coach was talking to me about the team and how it is. Than he told me if I wanted to go home and come back tomorrow, and "I said yea". The next day came and I went to school and than I went home. I was eating before I was going to practice. So then i was getting ready to go to practice. I got to practice and join with my teamates. They were actually kool and nice, I though they were gonna be mean, but I guess not. So we practice and practice and I got my position as a forward. Well we practice for like two months and I kind of wasn't good. We had a soccer game on Saturday and the coach said we were ready. The day came it was Saturday morning. We were ready, but kind of scared. So then we started playing and we were doing ok, but then at the second half, when the game was about to finish the other team made a goal. We were sad; we all had our heads down. So, I practiced and practiced the whole week. In my mind, I was saying "i'm going to make a goal this weekend". So, then i was ready. The day came. We were getting ready to play. So we started playing and my team and the other team, we were playing good. The second half came and we were trying to make a goal. The game was about to finish, until I made a goal. We had won and everybody was cheering for me I was feeling proud. The coach and my teamates, they were real proud of me.

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