November 6, 2008
Reapeding and repeading, going over and over it again. I say," in my head, im going to learn this, no matter how long it takes me". I laugh because its going to be awhile. Ever since ive been with my boyfirend, its been so crazy and it depresses me because his mother only speakes spanish. And i only can sometimes, well most of the time understand it, but the real problem is, is i can not speak it!
This year ive started taking a spanish class during 4th period! how great is that, during 4th period with the longest time! Every day im so excited going to spanish class! We work and work our butts off, every day nonnstop!
At the beginning, i did not know how to speak that much spanish, but now i cant not stop speaking it! I know it will take me forever to learn and speak it very well, because i just started!
As i spend more time with my in laws, i will learn how to speak spanish very well. I stumble over my words, but its a great start so i can get better!

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