Inspiration Of My Cousin

November 6, 2008
By Valerie Pruneda, Dallas, TX

The person that inspired me is my cousin because she was there when I had my problems and everything eles.
The story begins when she told me go to the store with her I said ok . That day I was just feeling depressed about how I look. She had asked me what was wrong . I said nothing.She said "come on tell me."
For a minute, I just stsyed quiet then told her about what was wrong with me. The next thimg that happened was we into the store, but I was not in the mood to look around.My cousin told me,"look i got something that would look good on you ."
My eyes gleared at the clothes. My cousin said here go try them on I said are you crazy I said those are for girls who want to become a clola. Then I took the pants and went to go to the dressing room and put them on as soon as I came out she said yup thats a new you my cousin is like my inspiration because with out her i would be lost trying to find myselfand she made that day unforgetable.She changed me a lot from that day . I don't think of myself looking bad I think I look good sometimes.She brought out the real me out of my shell and I thank her for that.

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