Hey Mama

November 6, 2008
By salvador ayala, Dallas, TX

The person who's influenced my life would be my mom,She has always been there for me never gave up on me even when I would always rome the street.And do all the bad things I use to do she always pushed me to do good in school to not use drug or join a gang.And even tho she worked seven days a week she still managed to come to school and look at how I'm doing.she showed me how to work for what I wanted to and if I wanted to make it big I had to pay my dues no one is just gona hand me the big time jobs,starting from the bottom and working my way to the top.another thing she influenced me on was her being a dad to me and showed me how to be a man and take responsibility for my actions and respect woman.most important to be loyal to those who been there from the start to respect every one even if there smaller,older no matter always respect every one in order to get it but on top of it all the best thing my best friend/dad has done to influence me is just being a good mom

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