November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

On OCTOBER 22,2000.It was a cold and raining day.the day of my last football game .I played for the packers stating runningback.this was ordinary game because my whole family was going,It had me so nervous i dident want to play.
SO later that day i told my wella that im so nervous becuse of the family was"mijo the best runs in the family".I dident know what she was talking about,so i just left.So ten mintues before the game i was warming up,i had feeling that somethings not going to go right, so i just ingored it.

Ten go by,and then i got the ball and i was running i broked my finger.I went running to the sideline with my head down.I dident know what to do.So i just sat there,then my dad came up to me and asked me whatwas wrong.I told him i broked my finger.He laugh and said,"son this where yu become a boy to a man ".I know he was playing because i was only 10 yaer old so me and my dad typed my hand then he said,"the best runs in the family". I know what they were talking about.

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