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November 6, 2008
This year is my sisters last year that she will be in school. She is already a senior! I am so proud of her, she is going to be the firt ine to graduate in my household. So now i know if she could graduate i could do it too! E3ven though she is a senior she wasts to play sports together, so that we have more memories in her senior year. Her favorate sports are volleyball and softball.
Volleyball season is already over. She she taught me how to play volleyball in the 6th grade. We had an awesome season together. Even though we weren't on the same team, we had an amazing team. she was caption on varsity and i was caption on junior varsity.
Softball hasn't started yet. I still have a whole lot to learn! The last time i played softball was in the 7th grade. So everyday after school before she goes to work, we go to the park and practice a little. I really hope i make the team so that we could play together! I will be so upset if i didn't make the team!
Brianna is really smart! She is the person that i go to when ever i need help on my homework. She always makes it easy for me to understand. She past all her task the first time around when she was a junior. She just has been a really good romodel for me!
Well there are the reasons that i picked Brianna to be my romodel!

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