A person who had a positive impact on me

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

My mom is my positive impact on me because she has thought me how to follow my roll, and how to keep going without quitting anything. Also she has helped me on everything that can make me successful in life!

She has never made me get angry at her for anything. She has learned how to understand me and I have learned how to understand her. One day I was having a big problem with a girl at school and I needed help. So I went to talk to my mom so she could help me solve my problem. She told me that the best way to solve it was by going to an adult from school and talk to them about it. I had never thought about that, it was really a good idea.

She never left me by myself! That is one of the thing I really like from her. I wish that every mom would be like be like her. No never mind, she is the best mom ever! I am really happy with having my mom.

She had thought me that with all her kids she will treat us the same, and that is one if the things I like about her, that she does not like one more than the other. So none of my brother are treated different.

My mom was their for me the day that I was at the hospital. That was really bad day for me because I really had a difficult problem, but she never left me. Not even to go and take a rest. That really proved me that she is the person I want to look up to. Well yeah my mom is the person that impacts me.

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