My Sister

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

I was little when my sister moved out. She was eighteen years and going to college. My sister, Lynette, moved into a two bedroom apartment in Plano. She had nothing to eat, but cups of noodles and Mac and cheese because she spend all her money on bills. I was shocked - she was doing all that for college to become a teacher. Lynette started working for Tony Romanos. As a waitress/hostess. All at the same time going to school and doing her homework. On slow days she used to work on her homework at the hostess stand. Her manager knew how important school was for her.
Her last year of college, she had to quit working to focus on school. This is when she began student teaching at Kahn Elementary. She taught a third grade bilingual class and kindergarten. She said "I was able to gave them more projects" and she liked it. I know she also left her kindergarten class with a headache almost everyday. However, she loved those kids. On her last day with them, they cried and made her things. They wrote her messages and her a huge card with a picture of her with them. The school also threw her a going away party.
I got to see her graduate from the University of North Texas in May 2008. I took pictures of her getting her diploma. At that moment, I was inspired to go to collage. After the ceremony, we went out to eat with the entire family. Everyone was proud of her because she was the first one to graduate from collage, my grandma cried.
She was hired at Manfield ISD before she even graduated from collage. My sister now makes close to 50,000 dollars a year and drives a Lexus. I know why she worked so hard in collage and inspired me to be the next one to go to collage.

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