My most favorite,trusly person

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

It was on August 22,on a Friday,it was my birthday I was so happy because it was finily here.I woke up that morning in such a good mood.As I was waiting for everyone to wake up to tell me happy birthday,I watch the living room.As it got later they all woke up.Iwas so exited in what they had plan for my birthday.We all sat in the living room and no one has said a word.I felt upset because my parents had forgot my birthday,as the hour gos by still no one notices.My cell phone rings and it was my cousin Lupita she had called to tell me happy birthday and that I should not get upset because my parents had for got my birthday they proably got alot of things on there mind.As i talked to my couisin I also told her how I was feeling upset, because the more I grow the more my parents treat me different.She understud everything I was telling her because she has gone throu the same thing when she was my age.I can always talk to my couisin Lupita about everything it dose no matter what it is Lupita has been there for me all my life, and has never left my side.My couisin told everyone that it was my birthday andthey all came into my room to tell me how sorry they all where for forgetting my birthday and I forgave them.Later on my parents called the whole family and told them we are going to have a party.I thank my couisin Lupita for everything she has done for me without her I dont think I would have made it in school.Lupita has tought me so much she is the main person that tells me, I can change the world only if I put my mind to it and it has got me this far.

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