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November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

When i was about five years old, I hought that the Marines were the best of the best because that's what the Tv commercials always said. Until one day I found why their the best of the best because only the few and the proud can carry the name of being a Bulldog.
It was one sunny afternoon during the beginning of summer. It was me and my grandpa, Joe Snachez, sitting downin the living room. We were talking about his career in the Marines and talking about how long he's been a loyal Marine to the Government. When he told me he's been a Marine for sixteen years, I thought to myself ," God grandpa , you've must of done alot in those years." Turns out, he has since hes a Master Sergeant. While were talking we heard the phone ring so he answered the phone and it was for him. I could tell by the expression upon his face. It was the Marine Core asking him if he wanted to reinlist for his fifth term as being a Marine and if he did he would be moved up a rank. So my grandpa asks the General if he could call him back so he could think it over.
So my grandpa hangs up the phone and we start to talk about what we think he should do. I asked my grandpa where do you soo yourself going or being in the next four to five years he says," Being the General of the Army son." So i told him grandpa i think you should go for it! So he calls the General back and says yes i do want to reinlist so right there he automatically got moved up a rank to a Command Sergeant Major. So thanks to my grandpa he inspired my dream of becoming a Marine when i grow up.

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