November 6, 2008
Mr.Randle was one of the worst and best teachers I ever had. He was horrible in his attitude, but the other side of him was one of the smartest and nicest men I have ever come across in my school carrier.

I will never forget my first day in his class .I strolled in without a care in the world, pants sagging, and shirt untucked, even without a belt. In no sooner I walked in I was walking back out with a referral long as my arm. That’s when I got to meet Mr. Knight he explained to me that mr.randle ‘was old school’, which meant he didn’t play and had no room in his class for kids like me who didn’t care.

So days went on me and mr.randle clashing like two gladiators in Rome both of us heads hard as rocks, but neither one gave the other an inch or both of us would have taken a mile. Even in the light of all that I still maintained an A average. Which I think made him even madder then there was the day he asked me to stay after class. We had talked it out and the reason mr.randle didn’t get along is he said I reminded him of himself when he was young and he wanted me to do good in life so he ask me to his advance class and lived happily ever after until 9h grade

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