November 6, 2008
On the first time I was fourteen yrs.old I been wanting a job so very much, but ever since I was little my grandfather would have me work with him out in the fields ever since I was ten and up. Till then I was 16yrs of age. I recieved an application at a fast food restraunt. However, not even two days passed and I was officially hired,so I started to work there from the time I was pregnant till about three months after I had my baby. It was very difficult, but I did it and I did what I had to do, so after time has passed on I wanted to do something else I was so miserable I knew this isin't what I was going for something different something that'll inspire me. One day I was at a friends house, and we were about to go somewhere, I was in the mirror fixing my hair, my friend commented and said,"Wow how'd you do that"?, that she insisted on me fixing her hair, so I grabbed a couple of rubber bands, comb and sprayed some hair spray and "Tada". I have created something I thought I could never do. As my friend commented again and said, "Why dont you go out and fix peoples hair and, you could get quick money"?. I liked the part that I get to do something i'm good at and love. So therefore school started, which was already on August 26,2008. I belive their was this thing called the Bisonetts at my school. I was an athlete at the time running track was my thing, which include jumping hurdles and, etc. I was introduced to one of the Bisonetts they were amazed and commmented on me, "Humm you have good flexibility, how about you come to tryouts today and, show us what you've got"?. Ever since that day i was tried out and I made the team I enjoyed it, "Yes". I was officially called a Bisonette something I love doing now!!!.

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