October 26, 2008
My homeboy he's dead me and that dude always got crazy people thought we were brothers and now every time i pass by his crib I start to cry that dude didn't deserve to die the F---- hoods they all
the same no one is different if they blue or red
who cares men we are all men with problems he died because he wanted me to live longer and to make my mom proud now all i feel is shame.I'm suppose to be dead he took the blame and got killed when they saw me chase ofter them they ran my homie was dead one bullet ended it all,

His last words to me where "You Can change for your mom" and then nothing.I see his mom i cant help but feel guilt for what i dragged him in to. I have changed just a little all i want to do is find them and beat them for what they did.He didn't have a chance to pay they just pulled the dam trigger.

This helped me realize i better make good choice just for my family's sake.AND for my homies so many of them are dead i don't want no more. can steal see him running past my house yelling my name. If i could have one wish i wouldn't use it to get rich i'll use it to bring him back

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