Ghosts of Gettysburg

October 26, 2008
By Danny DeVaul BRONZE, Mannington, West Virginia
Danny DeVaul BRONZE, Mannington, West Virginia
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We pulled out of the driveway at 10:00 a.m. I was riding with my mom, dad, and sister in the gray van. In the other car was both of my brothers and Matt O. As soon as I got in the van I wanted to set the mood right so I put in Saw. Saw took up about an hour and a half of the ride so, I decided to sleep the last three hours.
Finally we pulled into the town of Gettysburg. It was pouring down the rain and we didn’t bring any umbrellas. We pulled over and I got in the car with my brothers while my parents went to get umbrellas. Bobby got sick so we went to the tourist center for him. While bobby was puking in the bathroom JD, Matt, and me went to the museum to check things out. Once Bobby finished up we were going to town to meet up with my parents.
My parents met us at the McDonalds in Gettysburg. We split up again so we could find some ghost tours for the night. We decided to do the haunted Gettysburg tour at 9:00 and the Farnsworth House tour at 11:00. The first tour JD got a picture of a Union soldier in a window staring at us. I was a little bit creped out by then but I was still ready for the Farnsworth house.
I went down into the cellar of the Farnsworth house with the rest of the group. Unfortunately I got stuck in a seat down there away from everyone. Our tour guide started telling us about how it was the seventh scariest hotel in America and all of that good stuff. This guy didn’t sell that to me I didn’t think anything could have happened. Then he started to tell us about this little boy named Jeremy. I suddenly heard footsteps above where the top was locked up. Ok so it could’ve been the tour guides messing with us and I wasn’t scared yet. He went on about how Jeremy was ran over by a horse during the civil war and died in this house. I guess Jeremy’s spirit never made it out and him loved messing with peoples cell phones and pulling hair. I’ve been in this cellar for about thirty minutes now and keep hearing footsteps and it was starting to spook me a little. All of a sudden my hair was pulled. That’s it I was done. I was so scared because no one was close to me.
I started shaking in my seat and my brother started to laugh quietly. “Ok guys thanks for coming you’ll finish up in the cemetery with Dave”. I was absolutely thrilled when I heard those words come out of my guide’s mouth. I was heading out of the cellar and to the East Cemetery Hill and I felt another nudge on my head right before I got out of the door. When we’re getting ready to go finish are tour Matt wanted to look at something in this house and me and him were locked into a complete black room for about five minutes.
Are new tour guide was walking us to the East Cemetery Hill to look for some more ghosts. Once we got into the woods we started to hear the marching of civil war soldiers and that was really scary. Then our tour guide explained where the best spots to look for ghost were. When we started looking we got separated away from our tour group and lost in the woods. Well when the marching got louder that somehow helped us find our way out of the woods and back with our group. After encountering the ghost of Jeremy twice I was ready to go home. I guess the ghosts of Gettysburg wore me out and I slept the whole way home.

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