Bittersweet: The story behind the story

October 24, 2008
Bittersweet is a story about a girl who finds herself in an abusive relationship. I've been working on the screenplay Bittersweet from August 2007- October 2008.The story is inspired by what really happened to me, but some events in the screenplay are fictitious events formed by factual elements. This screenplay takes place at my school, it shows how ruthless people can be when their reputation is at steak, it depicts what real love is, it illustrates what domestic violence is in its essence and it is a picture I painted of my school. Bittersweet is my opportunity to express domestic violence that teens experience from their boyfriends. I was in a relationship that continuously graduated from bad to worst. Nicholas (not his real name) grabbed my wrist, degraded me, objectified me and made a mockery of my highly esteemed reputation. Nicholas was very violent, though we never did physically fight he did assault me on numerous occasions. I am thankful that he was removed from my school; had he not been kicked out of my school he would have been the source of my demise. I have no witnesses, nor do I have hard evidence that holds merit. I use facts and fiction combined to support my claim. I am hoping that by getting my story out my peers will be encouraged to come forward and confess the knowledge they have on my situation. I just want people to know my story in hopes that they will help me overcome the emotional distress that daily overwhelms me.

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