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Racism against innocent Muslims

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For a long time I have been noticing how Muslims are being criticized. The Muslim population is being avoided, scorned, disparaged and ridiculed to the highest extent. People of other religions and people of different races and countries treat Muslims like filth. Muslims are abused, disrespected and mistreated. Most people are going against them for no good reason.

Most people – non-Muslims insist they are scared. Thus, their attitude. They say that being in the presence of Muslims; they will be blown apart or killed, kidnapped or tortured. This statement infuriates me and fills me with abhorrence of those people. Racism is so strong these days; some people do not even care about feelings. People of “other religions” think that all Muslims are terrorists and are all supposedly dangerous. This is unfair, this is rude and this is hurtful. So maybe most terrorists are Muslims – wrong ones. The ones that are deceitful and not true to the religion. But not all Muslims are terrorists. The Muslims are a nation, a united realm of over 1.2 billion people. Maybe fifty of them are terrorists – maybe a hundred, maybe a thousand! But why should the rest of them – the rest of us - suffer for whatever wrong ideas the hypocrites have?

It’s pure racism. Sick, rude and vulgar racism. It is unfair for the helpless, innocent people to suffer so badly both mentally and physically for something others have done. Why should the others – the innocent and harmless people - be scorned at and endure so much pain and hurt when they have just been leading normal lives since the beginning, trying to cope with the rest of the world ridiculing them at every moment and blaming them for something that has never been their fault?

Sometimes life is so unfair . . . for some people. But if it can be controlled, if it can be handled and if the cause of the pain is due to what another human being has done, it can also be reversed. People can change. People can accept the fact that religion, country, race and color have no affect whatsoever on the personality of a person. There is no connection between the words “Muslims” and “terrorists”. The fact that “Muslims are terrorists, Muslims are wicked and Muslims are murderers” is so far from the truth, it is a lie. It is base treachery.

Every human in this world is as good as the next; as bad as the other, and as worthy of respect and honor as is another one across the world, no matter what is the religion, race and color. Racism is wrong and every racist should know that even they are not perfect; there are a million mistakes you can point down in every human if you concentrate enough. No one is perfect; which does not mean everyone is cruel. Goodness lies at the bottom of every heart, and though some people may have their meanings and thinking twisted, every man is equal.

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Zavery_ said...
Oct. 2, 2010 at 9:01 pm
Amazing prespective. Love this!
rebecca123 said...
May 27, 2009 at 3:47 pm
I think that every thing you said was totally true muslims are really kind people and they would never try to hurt any one in any way. People judge muslims by what happened on 9/11 and that has nothing to do with muslims so to every one keep in mind that you should never judge a book by it,s cover!
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