my endless fall

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

I was falling fast and was trying my best to stop myself in a vain attempt of flailing arms.

Lets start over. I am a bit of a new snowboarder. I had only been boarding for about 2 years and was starting to get a bit too bold. i was thinking that i could do anything. i was wrong

i had only done about 2-3 foot jumps. this jump was at least a 10 foot jump. i was also racing down the hill and went off the jump another 10 feet. just i was about to go off the jump, a large snow claud caught the edge of my board and i was thrown to the ground. i was flying 20 feet in the air on my back.

i was flying in the with an anticipation of extreme pain as i was going through a vain effort of flailing arms to throw my body back upright.

i impacted the ground with what felt like a sledgehammer with spikes. i barely missed my spine within half an inch. i had the wind knocked out of me and wasn't able to move for another week. this one of the worst desicions i could have ever made.

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