October 22, 2008
By Austin Alberts, Dell Rapids, SD

What would I do without my toys? If I had no toys I would probably stay home, watch TV, or go outside and hang out with my friends to stay out of trouble. There are not very many things to do without my toys except hang out with my friends every night, which I already do anyway.

The first toy I would not give up is my four – wheeler because I drive that a lot in the winter messing around by driving in the mud called “mud bogging”. I take it hunting so I can get around on it. My second toy I would not give up would have to be my guns. I have a Benelli Nova, a Savage 30-6, and I also have a .22 just so I can screw around and have fun by shooting at targets and hunting for varmints. I just recently got my shotgun so this year will be my first year hunting geese, ducks, and pheasant so I am going to have a lot of fun hunting. I got my first deer rifle last year for Christmas. This year will also be my first year hunting deer. If I ever gave up my guns, I don’t know what I would do. Before I got them, I always went hunting with my cousin and uncle and would always have to walk the sloughs, but now I have my guns and don’t have to do the dirty work. I always liked to go hunting, but I never wanted to take hunters safety course, so I waited until I was sixteen to start hunting.

Another toy I would not want to give up is my Xbox 360 because it gives me something to do when I am sitting home bored. I got my Xbox 360 when it first came out, which was about three to four years ago. I was very excited when I got it because I had never had a system before, and I played it about everyday without shutting it off. I’m not going to lie, but I probably was addicted to it. Now I don’t play near as much. If I even play it at night, I normally only play it for an hour at the most.

The last toy I would never give up would probably be my iPod because I take it everywhere I go. When we go on long airplane rides my iPod comes in handy. Last year I went to Hawaii, and if I wouldn’t have brought it with I would have been very upset. Because I have an iPod video, I can watch movies. I watched movies the entire trip down to Hawaii and it became very useful. If my iPod ever broke, I would probably get a new one, or maybe an even bigger one. They don’t make thirty gigs any more so I would get the eighty gig because it holds a lot more songs. Now you know why I would never give up my toys.

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