Moving to Columbia

October 22, 2008
Before moving to Columbia Illinois, my life seemed much harder than it should have been. Only fourteen, my mom decided that we should move because of my lack of progress at the time. None of my teachers at Northwest seemed to like me because of the speed I worked at. Our old landlords, Dave and Irean, had moved and the new landlords, Tasha and Nina, raised the rent. Abnormal neighbors, not exactly the kind of neighbors one would want to live by, would be very disrespectful most of the time. Moving to Columbia changed all of that.
I lived in Fenton, Missouri in a mobile home that never received a good cleaning. My mother and I lived there alone. Sometimes my sister and her boyfriend would come and stay for long periods at a time because of their problems but never seemed to get in the way. Jimbo, our first male dog, Angelo, our other male dog, Simon, our male cat, and Chuckles, our female cat, were making our living conditions even more horrible. I would always be sick with some kind of virus, and not being able to pay for the doctor bills made everything worse.
My teachers at my old school, Northwest High, did not like me much. Not keeping up in any of my subjects would make them want to put me down. A new topic would be taught everyday, and we would not return to that same topic. Missing at lease two to three days a week for over half the year became normal for me. Since I have moved here, I have been doing much better in all of my classes. Keeping up here has not been a problem at all because the teachers move slower so I can keep up and actually help me when I need it. Now I receive better grades.
Dave and Irean moved to a different location about two months before we moved here to Columbia. Tasha and Nina started to raised rent much higher which made it much harder to pay with the salary my mom had been earning at the time. For unsure reasons, the new landlords did not like me along with my neighbors. Caring about their surroundings is one thing my neighbors did not do and they would throw their trash anywhere they wanted without picking it up. Everyone around us would blame us for everything and we had been treated terribly. Michelle, our landlord here in Columbia, is much nicer and helps us out when we need help. In addition, the rent is a lot lower then it should be over in Missouri and my mother does not have to worry about it.
Before moving to Columbia Illinois, my life seemed harder than it should have been. Being only fourteen at the time, my mother seemed very sad, lonely, and depressed. Having horrible grades, my mom knew I might have to be held back. Nina and Tasha had raised the rent when they took over and my neighbors did not respect anyone or anything that surrounded them. My life has been much easier now that I live in Columbia, and my mom and I don’t have to worry about very much anymore.

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