October 22, 2008
By Zac Tate, Douglasville, GA

The 4th of July is filled with family, food, and fireworks. But where are the massive colorful explosions in the sky? They’re banned by the government. Now all I usually see are sparks on the ground. I just think that’s a load of fudge monkeys. If professional fireworks are illegal, why can you buy them in Alabama? Also, why don’t the cops come and arrest people who shoot them off? Amazingly, sparklers, not big illegal fireworks, but sparklers cause more injuries to children. Sparklers burn at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit!
One of the main reasons why big fireworks are banned is because average people don’t know how to set up professional grade fireworks. If you handed me a box of professional grade fireworks and told me to set them up, I’d say Huh?!
Similarly, big fireworks are highly dangerous and unpredictable if not set up properly. One example was in 1991. It was a huge party in Brazil. The professional pyrotechnics who set the firework show up didn’t wire one firework right made the whole firework box shoot at the audience. The people ran away hysterically screaming, some with first and second degree burns.
Also, if they’re illegal, why can you buy them near the Alabama-Georgia border? If the cops are having trouble cracking down on these guys, why can’t they just look at the billboards on the interstate?
There are idiots out there wanting to stockpile working fireworks, concerning neighbors, the police, etc, but there are also people wanting just to buy five or six and shoot them off and have a great (insert holiday here). Just think of the people that they’re boring (including me) with legal “fireworks”. I want the government to legalize “big” fireworks.

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twintwo said...
on Nov. 18 2008 at 1:53 am
So true - if something is illegal why is it made readily available?

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