Laughing Hysterically

October 22, 2008
Laughing plays a big role in countless people’s lives. Everyone one needs a laugh now and again or how would life be fun? The one thing that undoubtedly makes me laugh is my brother and I. We always use to fight, and most times it would end in a laugh.
One day we were coming back from Minnesota and we just go blizzards. My dad was driving, I was in the front seat, and my brother was in the back behind my dad. I looked back at him and I saw him taking a big bite of ice cream. I yelled at him in a funny voice to not spit it out, but he did. That day we got new Oreo seats and horribly tinted windows. We were laughing so hard, our faces turned red and my stomach hurt for a fact. We finally got our laughter under control and he started cleaning up the mess. I looked back at him trying to clean up the mess, and he took a bite of his ice cream again. I had to say, just one more time. It just came out of my mouth, “Don’t spit it out!” Then we got our new interior back again. My brother was lucky he didn’t spit ice cream all over my dad.
I always got sick of my brother for pushing and bossing me around and most of all punching me for no particular reason, but he still picks on me now and again. I did do that to him too if he got me mad. One time when we were little, he was making me extremely angry because he took my Barbie blanket, so I just bit him on the back as hard as I could. I ended up giving him a huge bruise on his back. My mom and dad yelled at me and told me to apologize to him.
Another fight was when my brother and I were playing catch with a baseball in our backyard. I kind of got bored so I started throwing pitches at him. It was going just fine until something distracted my brother. The ball left my hand before I realized he wasn’t looking. It ended up smacking him right on the nose and somewhat his mouth. His nose started bleeding like no other and once he saw the blood, he went into the house balling his head off. I just stayed outside playing catch with myself because I knew what was coming. My mom and dad were going to come outside and tell me to apologize to him even though I wouldn’t honestly mean it.
Yet another fight was when my brother was a dork and wanted to see if he could break a cup. He chose my plastic Barbie one, of course, and chucked it at the floor in our garage. It shattered into pieces and I started crying because that was my favorite cup. That time he had to apologize to me, and I eventually got another Barbie cup that I still have today.

Every time I have a blizzard or drink out of my awesome Barbie cup, I think of those bizarre days. I wonder what it would be like if that never happened or if there was no such thing as laughter. Life would have no purpose for me if I couldn’t act like there’s no tomorrow. Live life like it’s your last day to live, but don’t do anything too stupid.

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