Summer Before 8th Grade

October 22, 2008
By Kaleb Bunkers, Dell Rapids, SD

Well the summer started out as normal as any other summer would have, it was crazy and everyone was glad that we were getting out of school and I was happy also. The first day off was pretty cool. I got to sleep in until about 10:00 in the morning. I woke up and I did what every other kid during the summer I went to hang out with my friends.
I got home and everyone was asleep it was like at 11pm. I was glad that they were asleep because they would have told me that I was late even though I wasn’t. Then May passed and so did June and it was almost my birthday. I was so excited to see what I got for my birthday. I woke up and I went into the kitchen for my birthday breakfast as we did every birthday.
Every kid knows that their birthday is pretty much like a Christmas. I was going to turn 13. I was so excited because my sisters told me that I was now an actual teenager. It made me feel like a man. Well a week passed and I was just getting home and my mom and my dad were fighting and well to me it wasn’t as unusual for them to be.
But they went into their room and about a half-an hour later they told me and my sisters to come into the room they needed to talk to us about something. I knew it must have been bad because my dad was crying and he NEVER cries. So my 2 sisters and I walk into the room and they tell us to sit down. They say that mom and dad don’t love each other as much as they use to.They say that they were going to get a divorce.
I was shocked that they said that. You would never have thought that it could have happened to you. After they told us I ran into my room and slammed the door and started to ball my eyes out. I started to say what I did to deserve this. The next morning it was really weird because I could see a lot of boxes and I was told that my mom was moving out.
Then it all hit me again at first I thought last night was just all a dream but then I remembered it all. My dad wasn’t there of course he was working. I guess it was good so he wasn’t thinking about it. But my mom moved to an apartment in town. I felt really weird when I spent the night over there. It just wasn’t the same as it uses to be. But know she lives in Sioux Falls with my step-dad and my sister Chassidy. But I live with my dad and my step mom and my step sisters Lindsey and Chelsey and Collin, Lindsey’s baby, but it is a lot better now than it was everything has settled. I think it happened for a good reason and sometimes I’m glad that it happened. I know that’s weird but I guess it was for the best. I love my step mom and my step dad. I also love my step sisters and brother. They are awesome and everything is normal.

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