The Mamba Macru

October 21, 2008
Approaching the hyper coaster is one thing, but climbing the serrated staircase into the vicinity of the immense steel structure is another. Walking up the tapered pathway, I feel like there are needles puncturing my skin. I rotate to my left to distinguish a precipitous staircase in front of me. I glimpse to see that my sister is standing on the stairs waiting for me. I almost lost my footing by looking at the behemoth.

When I arrived at the top I swivel to my left gazed at the eerie train station. I see my sister and cousin in line to ride the hyper coaster. As I took a better look (which I can’t because of the mixture of fog and night cast over the amusement park) I made out an incoming train. I strode over to my sister and let the anxiety slaughter me while the incoming train parked in front of us.
“Hilary let’s not get on this ride,” I told her with a hint of panic infused with my voice. Hilary wasn’t penetrated by this but rather determined to get me on this ride.
“No, you’re going on this ride,” she said pulling me further into the line.
She then hatched an idea to take a before and after picture of the roller coaster for everyone. She pulled out her camera and told me to stay where I was. She stuck her head next to mine and a flash of light blurred my vision. I took my hands and rolled them in my eyes to wipe off the flash of light.
When I regained my vision I saw that the train was stationed and visitors were boarding. I walked casually over to the second car and sat down in the front. My sister sat down alongside me after she put he camera away. The aides came around to pull down the safety restraints. We buckled ourselves up before they came. It was pretty scary going down a 205ft. drop at an angle of 66 degrees. I was petrified to go on now I’m in the belly of the steel beast.
The train gave a lurch forward and we sped away from the train station. I couldn’t see the apex of the drop I was about to traverse because of the thick fog swallowing us. We got slammed forward by the ramp that took us to the top. We could hear the lift tugging the roller coaster to the top.
As I twisted my head to my left I could see we had exited the fog and entered the unblemished night sky. I also saw the beautiful lights of Kansas City staring up at us.

“Hilary, look at the city,” I whispered to her

“Look where the fog is,” she said

I turned my head to see blankets of fog covering different parts of the park. I was amazed at how they were divided into little sections. All thoughts drained of the 5,600ft. steel monster. It was peaceful being on top of the world.

Then I heard the motor slip away and noticed we were nearing the end of the ramp. I prepared myself by shoving my legs into what little space I could. I clenched the safety bars as tight as I could and prayed to god I wouldn’t die.

The tip of the train curved over the apex and started to pick up speed. When we got there I peered down at the fog that was greeting me back. Then the train dove 205ft. into the eerie fog. The screams were deafening. Everyone’s stomachs were being forced out of their backs. I put my hands up and felt a surge of wind shoving them back. I felt an indiscernible force hugging me to my seat as we went up another slope. This one was not as elevated but twice as rapid. We lifted out of our seats as we come over the second apex.

A smile caught me after we maneuvered the extensive turn following the second slope. It made another lap around and shot off to a set of camel humps.

Going into a set of camel humps at 75 miles per hour makes you nauseous on the first two. Everyone’s brain was getting milled against their skull. Their bodies getting lift only to be caught by the safety bar. It was the nastiest part of the ride. After we cleared the last of the camel humps it was a straight shot for the final turn on the steel beast.

As we rode the last turn the coaster shook violently. We heard the brakes snap into action and the car came to a halt.

The entire train was full of whispers and movement. I took a look around and saw the engineers coming. When they came they told us everything would be alright and that the fog was clogging the brakes. They messed with the control box and we started moving towards the train station.

Once we got there we came to an abrupt stop and the safety bar was released we hoped out and headed towards the exit. Hilary went to the items rack and picked up her camera. Once we left we tried to locate my mother we had found her on a bench. Once we got to her I said “Lets go on it again”.

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