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October 21, 2008
When Mark Tilden a major technological pioneer created his BEAM bots, biology, electronics, aesthetics, and mechanics, He also made three laws for all beam robots to follow. A robot must protect its existence at all costs. A robot must obtain and maintain access to its own power source. A robot must continually search for better power sources. His work in robotics has been an inspiration That is why Mark Tilden is my mentor.
Mark Tilden has been making robots affordable with his creation of the BEAM robots. A simple robot made with printed circuit boards and other electronic components. His robots work using inexpensive parts that work together to make a robot. At WowWee he creates robots that have the same principle as his BEAM bots. But makes them different in there own ways, and there own personalities. Making cheap humanoid, bugs, dogs, reptiles, ornithopter a robot that flies like a bird, and lots of other robots for the public.
Every BEAM robot creator uses plans from Mark Tilden or make there own to create there robots. Sometimes they put there own spin to there creations. Mark Tilden created his bots so any builder can create there robots. I use recycled electronics to make my robots the way I see and want them to act.
From the very simple symet to a very complicated walker. Every robot has there own personality. When a builder wants to create a Beam robot, they first have to consider what they want it to do. If they want it to seek light, avoid light, find water or just move around on a surface. Each builder’s creations are unique. After building there robot they can triumphantly rejoice. I visit Mark Tilden’s online store to get new ideas for my robots.
Mark Tilden has inspired me to consider a career in a technology field. I would like to make technology affordable for every one, like Mark Tilden. This is why many people create products for every one. That is why Mark Tilden is my mentor.

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