Spanish-American War

October 27, 2008
By Anonymous

The Spanish-American War had a huge affect on America. It changed who we trade with and also helped get the Panama Canal started. This war changed our look on over seas affairs and how we deal with them today.

During the war people were wondering if the US started trading in the pacific, would it benefit us. This war gain the US many islands in the pacific which made trading easier. So we started trading with China and Japan.

At this time the idea came up about building a canal to get between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The US bought the rights for this canal from France and built it in seven years. The Panama Canal is still being used today.

The last thing that changed was the way the US looks at other countries' affairs. After this and because of it we took part in World War I and II, Vietnam, Iraq, and some police acts.

In conclusion, this war had an amazing impact on where America is today. Plus, it us stronger and we been if it hadn't been for that conflict.

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