"It's Better to be Safe Than Sorry"

October 28, 2008
Chancellor Joel Klein has banned all electronic devices from schools; cell phones are one of these. At Murrow it seems that if the deans and staff don’t see those devices then you don’t have them. However, in some schools, the deans and staff take this regulation very seriously. In those schools metal detectors are used to see if there are any weapons on the students. They also use the metal detectors to see if the students are bringing electronic devices into the building. They even take it so far to patting the students down. Because of this some of the students take their phones apart and hide it under their clothing. Should cell phones be part of this strict regulation? No! Many students need their phones in case of emergencies or so that their parents can contact them.

Sixty percent of American teenagers own cell phone, which means that parents are giving it to their children for a specific reason. To ban phones just shows that the education system does not care about what the parents have to say. If a parent gives their child a phone, what power does a chancellor have to override that say?

According to the Pew Internet

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Jenny said...
Nov. 6, 2008 at 3:21 am
i love the topic
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