What i would invent to make life better

October 22, 2008
If I wanted to make my life better, I would invent a super-upgraded Iron Man suit. This would be the best way to brighten my life. I know it would take some considerable time and thought to create this, but if I really wanted to I would. That’s just who I am. I am the kind of guy who, if I wanted to, would build the greatest thing on earth since microwaves. To upgrade the iron man suit I would change the makeup of the design. I’d also change the weapons. Lastly, I would put on some newly invented technology.
When I change the makeup of the design I would have the power source on my body, except not attached to my heart. I’d totally condense the technology and put it on the top of my head. There would also be dimmers on it so people would have no idea where it is. I’d only let my assistant cut my hair, too, so no one would know. Instead of having the parts of the suit separate they’d be in the power source. Mechanical arms would put them on and off, the parts would do the rest. I could do this because I would discover this unique gas on Jupiter that I can harness into a liquid and it would make stuff smaller and bigger; only I know about it. The armor structural design would be almost identical to the original. The chemistry, however, would be much different. It would be made out of the hardest material on Earth; diamond. I could use this because there is this new liquidizer that I could have it dipped in that makes it more flexible.
There would be close to all the same weapons on this beast, but I would add some upgrades. Since I could make things smaller and bigger, I would condense tomahawks and side-winder missiles and put them in the forearms for the smaller missiles. I’d also install a hidden holster in my thigh that contains a couple of .50 caliber machine guns. If you have seen any of the predator movies, I’d add something like their shoulder cannons, too. It would be shoulder-mounted, except instead of a laser blast it would be triple barreled, each barrel containing a different weapon: a flamethrower, a bazooka, and a net launcher (for catching without lethal force).
I would add some new technology. I would put a teleporter on it that can transfer me or anything I want through wormholes to anywhere in the universe. Of course, I invented this, too. I would like to put in a movie theatre for the long flights. I can travel at the speed of sound, but that wastes a lot of fuel and is an “emergency only” situation. The super computer in the suit wouldn’t be called Jarvis because it sounds like a butler. It would be called Sweetie and have a really attractive woman’s voice. I would also like to install an auto-pilot for the times when I go out to see the people. That way I don’t have to be in there, Sweetie can do it for me and I can do what I want. She can also override it and do what I tell her, no matter how far away I am. The way I do this is I use what looks like a remote for the new Mercedes cars. I talk into it and she answers accordingly to my voice only.
I think it would make life a lot better for me. I don’t know about how it will affect other’s lives. That depends on how I want to use it. I could take over the world very easily with that kind of technology. I guess I could also become president or something else that peaks my interest. I would make sure my family is ensured a good life though, that would be my first priority. I am not quite sure how I would do this; legally or illegally. I’m leaning toward becoming CEO of a major bank for a couple of years, or start my own bank. It wouldn’t be hard, I’d let my super computer, Sweetie, make all the business decisions. I guess I’m not sure what I would do with it. It looks like the world will have to wait and see what I do.

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