October 22, 2008
If I won the Powerball (with a great amount of luck), even though I’m not of age yet and if it was around a three hundred million dollar jackpot, the first thing I’d do would be to build my parents a new house. I’d probably give a portion of it to my intermediate family members such as my grandparents, parents, and siblings. Since I’d only get about fifty percent of it, the smart thing to do would be to hire a stock agent to put away some of my money for me so I can get a nice little profit from it. About fifty to seventy-five million of it would go to investing it. Giving some of away to nonprofit organizations would feel to be the humane thing to do with a million dollars or so of it. If the Dell Rapids school system would accept a donation from me I’d build a new elementary and add on to the high school like they wanted to do with the bond issue since I’ll be having at least 3 nephews go to school here.
Some of the negatives of having all of the money would be that people that you know may ask you for money frequently for something that they need and I’d probably turn them down. I’d only turn them down because it will open a doorway for other people to ask me for money as well. The only non family members who I’d give money to if they really needed it would be very close friends. I hope that my life wouldn’t turn out to be like Hugo’s off of the show Lost, where he has a lot of bad accidents happen to him because of the numbers he used(which in the story, were cursed). One thing that would get on my mind is what to do with the tens of millions of dollars that would be left over after getting all of the stuff that I wanted/needed. I may have quite a few ideas about what to do with the money but all of the extra money would be quite difficult to get rid of. I know that the government is sort of the creator of the Powerball and all of these lottery types of competitions, but I think they should take a lot less than 58% of the money for taxes.
There would be a substantial amount of achievements I’d want to fulfill with the money such as getting myself a new car, or I would move out of my parent’s house that I’d build a large new house out in the country. I wouldn’t buy or build a house in town or nearly out of town because I wouldn’t want all of the traffic and noise. For the house I’d want built, it’d have to be at least four floors above the ground level and have a double basement. Recreation would be on my mind while building this house and I’d fulfill that need by putting in a nice large pool and an indoor basketball court. Having my own weight room would keep me from having to go to a public type of gym that’s open for 24 hours a day. Like Michael Jordan I would open up my own line of clothing when I had nothing more to do except sit at home and be lazy all day. So those would be the basic and not so basic objectives I’d do if I won the United States Powerball.

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