Dream House

October 22, 2008
I am going to tell you about my house if I could have it anyway I wanted. First thing about my dream house is that it has to be a huge mansion in Los Angeles or somewhere in Florida. I would want it to make a statement when people see it, like they would think that the person that owns this house must be enormously rich and famous. I would want the drive in street to the house to be extremely long so it takes awhile to get to the best house in all the land. The house must sit atop all the other rich people’s mansions, also so that they know that I am better than them.

First thing you would notice about the house is the huge walk in area into the giant door of the house with butlers waiting there for your service. When you walk into the house you would see a giant living room, perhaps as big as your whole house. The living room would contain a huge plasma screen TV and all the game systems there are like the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the Playstation 3. Mainly the Xbox 360 would be hooked up on Xbox live. Just to show how famous I am, I would have the Mona Lisa in my living room.

Next you would see the kitchen and would think that it is an actual famous restaurant and I would have my own chefs who would cook the best meals in the world. Then you would notice my giant fish tank filled with great white sharks, hammerheads, and tiger sharks. After you walk past my fish tank which might take awhile you would head down to my master bedroom that you could never even imagine. It would contain the biggest bed in the entire world that was suited to a king. It would have a giant projector hooked up in there and another Xbox 360. There would be a giant music system which plays the best music and it could be as loud as a volcano erupting. In my master bathroom there would be a golden toilet, a giant Jacuzzi, and a shower that could shoot water from every angle.

After my room you would walk down into my indoor basketball court. The basketball court would contain pictures of the best basketball players in the world like Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James. Next you would head down to my basement which has an indoor bowling alley, a pool table, and a giant bar with every type of soda in the world. There would also be another giant TV for watching sporting events on. There would also be a signed jersey hanging up which is Dirk Nowitzki. Then there would be my garage which would contain a new Dodge Challenger, a H2 Hummer tricked out with giant rims, and my favorite a Lamborghini Embolado which hasn’t even come out yet.

Last you would go outside to the biggest pool in the world with a big hot tub connected to it. There would also be a tiki bar with the freshest smoothies ever. By the pool there would be a football field so my friends and I could play some football on an actual field. If I were to have a dream house this is what it would be.

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