What is My Greatest Treasure?

October 14, 2008
My greatest treasure is not a thing. But I like to call us Thing 1, 2 and 3. My treasure is a person, in fact it’s two. These treasures are my younger sisters. Amber who is 15, she has a great personality and knows how to have fun. Although she can be a major pain in the butt sometimes, she’s still a great baby sister and friend. Tori’s the second treasure. She is 13 and very high spirited. She has a funny and brave personality. She’s laid back and wild (a lot); she gets scared when things happen to her or the people she loves. When she needs some support or advice she sometimes comes to me.

I love them so very much. My sisters and I used to fight a lot! But now that we are older we have grown closer together. We have also grown closer together because of that the crap that has been going on with our family. If we are not together then we always text each other. I count them as my greatest treasure because I can’t live with them and I can’t live without them. It’s kind if hard to explain. My sisters and I are always there for each other.

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