Baby girl

October 20, 2008
By brandi rowland, Teague, TX

Wrapped in her little pink blanket her dad held her in his arms for the very first time and from that moment on his life had changed forever. He was so happy. Just a few days after his daughter was born he took those three hours drive up to see his mom and to show her off. He wanted the best for her. He was willing to marry his daughter’s mom if he had too. He had two other kids but he never felt this way towards them, he loved them too, don't get him wrong. He was willing to do whatever it took for his daughter to have the best life. He took her ever where he went, even to work. She was the best thing in his life. He loved her up to the day he died and beyond. She was his baby girl and now all she has left of him are stories her granny tells her. She was once his world and he's now her world. He changed her life just like she changed his. Because of him she is who she is today. She thanks him every day for all the things his done for her whether he was there or not. She loves him from the bottom of her heart and she’s glad she has the title to be called his baby girl.

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