Nail and the Doctor

October 20, 2008
I was playing on the swing set in my back yard acting like a monkey out of its cage. It was a sunny day; hot and humid. I was having so much fun swinging on the swing and letting my hair blow in the wind; I seen my brother push the door open, yelling in excitement, “Summer let me push you!”
“Ok push me high.” He pushed me so high that I felt like I was a bird in the wind.
All of a sudden he pushed me a little too hard; I flew off the swing landing right on a rusted nail.
“Ahwww.” I started to cry.
My brother grabbed me so fast that I didn’t have time to think. He sat me on the bathroom sink and grabbed the house phone to call my mom and dad. They were at my uncle’s house visiting on the next street over.
“Mom, Dad, come home hurry Summer fell off of the swing and she landed on a nail!” My parents ran home as if they were a pack of cheetahs running for food and put me in the car to go to the hospital. I was crying the whole way there, my dad was yelling “SHUT UP we are almost there.” I didn’t care I was in so much pain that crying was the only thing I could do. We lived in a little town called Needles, California so the hospital was only like two minutes away.
They rushed me in and laid me on an uncomfortable white bed. Waiting for the doctor scares the living crap out of me, I started crying again. Not just a normal cry but, a cry to where I can’t breath and my face is covered in tears. I can hear foot steps coming down the hall, and he grabbed the clip board from the wall and walked in the room.
“Summer what happened to you today?” Asked the doctor.
“I was swinging on a swing in my back yard and I fell off, and landed on a rusty nail.” I tried saying, wiping the tears from my eyes. He touched my foot and I cried a lot harder.
“Well were going to have to take the nail out and give you a shot.” I was just laying there my body all tense up, not moving and he grabs some kind of silver thing and yanked the nail right out of my foot. Then I see a needle as long as my middle finger and I closed my eyes. He didn’t put the needle in far but it hurt like a pinch. It didn’t hurt as much as landing on the nail did. I looked down and my foot is all rapped up in gauze with a little bit of blood on the bottom.
“Just make sure you come back in about week or so, so I can check on your foot ok.” Said the doctor. I thought I don’t care just get me out of this place you hurt me enough!
I was so happy that my dad was carrying me out of there, I didn’t look back. He put me in the hot car lying down with the seat belt across my stomach burning me; I started to nod off to a deep sleep.
“Summer wake up were home.” My mother said in a gentle voice. She took me out of the car and carried me in the house to my bed.
“Can I go to bed now mom?” I said in a sleepy tone. She replied,
“Sure honey.”

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