October 20, 2008
By Bailey Britney, Centralia, WA

It was the day before halloween and the stores were crowded with hundreds of people scurying to do their last minute halloween shopping.
This year I decided to be a mermaid.
I thought that if I was a mermaid, no one would have the same costume as me and everything would go great!
But I was wrong.
Everything went horrible On halloween.
It was probably the worst halloween in history!
My mom had picked out my costume that year, so I was afraid to see what it was going to look like.
Once I saw the Mermaid Costume, I knew I was going to be the laughing stalk of the whole school.
For one, I could even walk because the bottom part of my mermaid costume was so tightly wrapped around my ankles.
For two, when I did walk it looked like I was waddleing like a duck that had only 1 legg.
And For three, The costume was way to Tight! It was like I couldnt breathe when I was wearing it.

But I wasnt going to let some costume get in my way of haveing the most best halloween ever!
So that halloween I put on my costume grabbed my trick-or-treating bag and left.
When I finally reached the sidewalk about a half hour later, a car drove by and yelled "freak".
And thats where I couldnt take it anymore.
So I waddled back up to the wet, slippery steps about to reach for the door nob at least untill I heard one of my blue high heels crack, and I fell backwards hitting my head on one of my porch steps.
So about a few minutes later my parents walked out the front door, and saw me laying on the ground out cold.
At first they were worried so rushed me to the hospital and sure enough even the doctor though I was a crazy person. He called me crazy mermaid lady. We found out that I only had a slight concussion, which was bad but not that bad.
But Then I remeberd Why should I let people Judge me for the way I look or act. Its not right how some people judge kids or adult for what they look like?
So that One Halloween helped me realize a very Important lesson. And that lesson is , that you should never judge someone for the way they look. And it helped me realize that I dont have to care what people think about me. They can think what they want as long as I know Who I am Inside and thats all that counts.

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